• Stanley – Expressing my feelings to ‘J’ (my therapist) – he helps a lot. He tries to keep you safe and others safe, and turn you into a nice person. He goes back to the beginning, helps you understand what happened to you and links it to how you then behaved.


  • Clive – Therapy has made me more aware of making the right choices about my behaviour and sexual feelings.


  • Tony (Social Worker)– The assessment completed by The Estuary Centre provided a detailed understanding of my young person’s difficulties and realistic and creative recommendations of how these might be addressed.


  • Rick & Susan (foster carers): The staff are really good, very intelligent, really helpful. The therapist helps us as well as our young man. We get a lot of good training and the peer support from other carers which is great.


  • David (Social Worker) The training provided was clear, stimulating and thought provoking. It will certainly improve my practice.


  • Susan (Therapist) The training helped me think more deeply about the experiences of troubled young people and challenged me be creative in my relationships with them.