Research projects – assessing foster carers and therapeutic intervention


Welcome to the 2nd Estuary Centre blog.


The Estuary Centre in partnership with its sister agencies, Mosaic Foster Care and Kites Children’s Services, is participating in several interesting research projects.


Mosaic Foster Care is participating in the Rees Centre Study via the University of Oxford: “Perspectives on assessing foster carers: A cross-country comparison of the factors that are associated with successful placements”


Kites Children’s Services is commissioning a longitudinal study into the efficacy of therapeutic intervention and outcomes for young people. This is a follow on study from previous research completed in July 2012 and intends to use ERASOR (Estimate of Risk of Sexual Offence Recidivism, Worling and Curwen, 2001) factor scores of young men who have left the service to assess outcomes.


Please see link below:


Kites Evaluation Report Final July 2012


Below is an additional link of interest to those assessing outcomes for young people who have sexually harmed.



Additionally Kites is supporting two separate pieces of external research related to juvenile sexual offending. The first, via the University of Bath, is titled ‘Investigating Associations between Exposure to Pornography and Harmful Sexual Behaviour in Young People, and the Role of Cognitive, Affective and Physiological Factors.’ Some of our YP have agreed to participate in the research.


The second is a pilot study looking into the development of assessment tools to identify sexual interest in juveniles exhibiting problematic sexual behaviour via implicit viewing time measures.


We are excited to participate in these exciting opportunities and please follow our blog for further updates and information regarding these research projects.