The Estuary Centre provides consultancy at an organisational, team, or individual level, depending on need. Consultation can be targeted to address issues that might be putting placement stability in jeopardy, including managing challenging behaviour and treating significant emotional and psychological needs.

Additionally consultation can be targeted at carers through regular clinical SV to aid them in understanding behaviour, to provide emotional support and develop resilience, and to develop creative and trauma informed interventions.

Consultation, be it a single event or planned series of sessions, is available to assist in the development of specific areas of work.

Areas of The Estuary Centre’s consultation areas include:

  • Prevention of placement breakdown
  • Risk management for SHB
  • SHB treatment intervention
  • Individual and group SV to address trauma and attachment difficulties
  • Clinical SV to address the management of challenging behaviour
  • Consultancy to therapeutic care providers (both fostering and residential)

Additionally The Estuary Centre is able to provide training via our off-the-shelf courses or we can develop and provide bespoke training to meet individual organisational needs.

Areas of training include:

  • Understanding attachment interventions
  • Cognitive/behavioural approaches to working with children and juveniles
  • Counselling skills
  • Risk assessment of sexually harmful behaviour in juveniles
  • Intervention for sexually harmful behaviour with juveniles
  • Working with victims of sexual abuse
  • Therapeutic communication with children and young people
  • Sexual development of children
  • Understanding and addressing sexual exploitation
  • Understanding the impact of the internet and social media on adolescents
  • Systemic approaches to address trauma
  • Play-based interventions with children
  • Positive behaviour management

Discussing a case or making a referral

We are happy to take enquiries and are flexible to developing our assessment, treatment and training program to meet individual need. If you have any questions regarding services offered by The Estuary Centre contact us by telephone on  01702 214525 or email referrals@estuarycentre.com