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Relaxation techniques for Traumatised Children

Relaxation techniques for Traumatised Children   Hello again and welcome to the latest Estuary Centre blog!   Supporting children to self-regulate when experiencing heightened affect, whether excitement, distress, agitation, anger or arousal, can be a challenge for parents and carers.   Self-regulatory ability can be particularly impacted by poor early attachment experiences, neglect and abuse. […]

Research projects – assessing foster carers and therapeutic intervention

  Welcome to the 2nd Estuary Centre blog.   The Estuary Centre in partnership with its sister agencies, Mosaic Foster Care and Kites Children’s Services, is participating in several interesting research projects.   Mosaic Foster Care is participating in the Rees Centre Study via the University of Oxford: “Perspectives on assessing foster carers: A cross-country […]

An introduction to the Estuary Centre’s therapeutic service for children

Welcome to the first Estuary Centre blog!   My name is Chris Bennett and I am the Head of Therapy at The Estuary Centre.   The Estuary Centre is a community based therapy centre, specializing in treatment intervention to children who have experienced trauma and young people who have exhibited harmful or problematic sexual behaviour. […]